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Sharing this again since Christmas is right around the corner.

Hey guys!

I have been extremely busy and working exhausting long hours at work still so sorry I have not been as active as I would like to be. This post is also rushed and unplanned, but really wanted to share it since we are like not even two weeks out from Christmas??? I wrote this post around the same time last year in hopes to help or share tips to make the holidays a bit easier on those on the autism spectrum. In case you missed it or need a refresh. More so, I am sharing this because it is almost that time of year and I am not doing Blogmas or anything of the sorts since I have been so busy. Hope you enjoy the read 🙂 This blog has grown so much since I wrote this post, but maybe that is more suited for a new year kinda post so I will be brief and just say thank you to all my amazing followers. All your comments, likes and views make my days (everyday :P)

‘A Myth Regarding Those On The Autism Spectrum and My Personal Tips For Christmas’

I am also currently recreating/revising a personal Christmas playlist on youtube and will share it when it is complete as I share all my music, but to go along with the Christmas mood here are a couple of my all time favorite Christmas songs.

This is my number 1 most played and favorite Christmas song. 🙂
(side note: the fact there is a disclaimer on this video blows my fucking mind. You are offended by the truth and and it is disturbing to see the harsh truth our world has become? LOL special snowflakes. Clearly you missed the point of the song too. Anyways it is Christmas ish time and I will hush. Rant for another time)

Another gem! Since I told you guys I was binging The Band’s music awhile back and all. xD

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Some people get wasted and party…I get wasted, clean and listen to music way before her time. :)

Still working an insane amount of hours and trying to keep my sanity. However, it makes a huge difference when you like your job and your bank account likes the monies. Surprisingly working six nights and 9-10 hour shifts every night has yet to drive me completely insane or into complete shut down. After a six night week my two days off was just what I needed. I slept for like 12 hours on and off (not at once) since I got off work yesterday morning. lol. Although I bought a new expansion pack for the sims 4 and had plans to binge it on my days off this week, I didn’t really care much to as much as I thought I would. There is something just nice about being able to just get some rest whenever you want with no alarm to wake up too. I have played the sims and listened to some music to get some me time in, but really these couple days off are pretty much just to destress from the work environment and not be like go go go all the time. The husband and I decided to take some of our money that we have made over the holidays so far with all the over time and bought much needed things for the house. Well the shot glasses and wine glasses weren’t so much needed right away, neither was the wine or Jack Daniels, but you knowwww…the other stuff was. xD I figured this way when we get a house or trailer etc we have a mini start collection to a mini bar or what have you. Now I don’t normally drink if you all are thinking I am some alcoholic that drinks every night/day (me being on the night shift now) I don’t. Lmao. I hardly drink on my days off. I still think it is nice to have those kind of stuffs so when we do rarely drink or have company over. (not that I hang out with people cause you know people suck) either way you get the point. 😛 When we got back from wal mart the hubby and I took a shot and while he played on the xbox I started cleaning the kitchen and reorganizing so we can have room for the stuff we bought, especially the new 16 piece glass set we purchased along with the other alcoholic related ware. I am already super buzzed and it is not even 2:30 pm yet, but that is how it goes when you work nights and your schedule is opposite than most of society. I am actually normally already in bed by now. I am such a rebel. ;o I am kinda bored so I thought I would share some boring pictures tbh with you all from my afternoon so far and some music I was listening to as I was cleaning since I just sat down to relax.

This was taken when we were like 3 shots in I think. (yup when I drink I go all out. I am doing shots, not even mixed drinks at least yet…I figure when I drink like maybe once every few months why not get plastered.)


My backwards ass schedule…most people probably don’t drink at like lunch time, at least shots of hard liquor…or maybe they do???


A very blurry and crap lighting picture of some of my reorganizing of my kitchen and all the new drink ware we got.


I jammed out to many classic rock and roll songs aka music way before my time while I organized and clean. I always share music so of course I will share some of my listenings…

I fucking love this song ❤ ❤ ❤

From one of the best albums of all time no argument. Fight me.

Another song from one of the best albums hands down. One of my favorite songs of all time personally as well. (tons of memories to this album…good and bad. xD) If you feel nothing from music or this album then I feel sorry for you cause this is pure ecstasy.

I am obsessed with this song and always will be

I saw John Fogerty in concert as my high school grad present from my parents and it will always be one of the best moments of my life. ❤

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Do updates really need a title tbh? No, okay moving on

Hello all my amazing followers and readers!

It’s our first snow storm for this time of year and I didn’t miss it or the cold at all. I am enjoying a hot cup of tea and listening to music bundled up inside. xD

I am still working an insane amount of hours as I mentioned before and also will be doing a sixth night this week. Having more sonority in your department is finally paying off it seems. There is so many reasons why it was right for me to switch departments at work. 😛 I am however becoming a lot more irritable and I am completely mentally burned out. I almost had a mental breakdown at work last night and had to escape for like 5 mins. I however did fight through it and came back. The thing is I am still really happy with it and I take a lot of pride in myself for being able to do my best every night. My team lead tonight was even like okay guys we have 21 minutes to work this aisle (one of the aisles that get the most product every night tbh) and I am going to join you…I was like psht dude you’re dreaming, not gonna happen. We did it with 3 minutes to spare and my team lead was like you guys kick some serious butt. I was like woot breaking records tonight! It is little things like that are so different and makes us feel accomplished and great about our hard work. It really helps push me when I need it and it is worth fighting through anxiety. We have definitely caught up on a lot of bills are able to pretty much eat whatever we want each week (unlike before when there was weeks we were living off of ramen, mac and cheese etc) and buy some things when we want for the house or things we need. It is a huge relief not to be stressed financially or as much anymore. If you guys recall I wrote a post a few months ago or whatever where we were super poor and I was in a pretty shitty place mentally. I also think it helps I am way less frustrated at work or about my job.

My diet continues to be uber healthy and I feel so much better. I am literally feeling and seeing a huge difference from when I didn’t eat so healthy. This is my last week for any kind of meat or other animal bi-products etc. Even then it has been very minimal like the other night was my last meal containing chicken. Besides parmesan cheese here and there and very little meat, my entire diet this week has been basically vegan. I tried unsweetened almond milk too and I surprisingly liked it. I didn’t think I would, like I was legitimate iffy with trying it. Haha. I want to try other kinds too like soy milk etc. Especially see what works best with certain things like cereal, tea etc. I think giving up dairy milk for my husband and I is a really great choice since he is lactose intolerant anyways. It is not some coincidence many people are lactose intolerant especially kids…cows milk is meant for baby cows not humans mmmkay. 😛 I will still miss it though. (I love milk in my tea and it will take me awhile to get use to other choices or none at all but I already have converted tbh) So yes so far I am successfully following my new dietry choices including slowly completly changing my diet. I actually think it is going faster than I thought it would.

As I mentioned it was a snow storm, cold and listening to music I also just took a bath while having this concert playing on my phone. I absolutely love this band and sometimes think I was born in the wrong generation for music. 😛

This song reminds me sometimes of myself and my autism etc…it will feature on this autism playlist I am still actually going to be putting together and will share here I am sure. 😛 One of my all time favorite vocalists too RIP ❤

This song literally sends chills down my spine every time. I cannot explain it. Like there is not enough words to describe what his voice does to me or the emotion in this song.

I had this song stuck in my head because I was listening to the album version of it last night at work cause I am currently OCDing over this band right now as you can see

Ohh and they make me super proud to be Canadian and I don't even care for country pride if I am being honest so that says something. Love this style of music or not you;d be an ignorant fool to deny the talent of these guys. xD

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Since this is not just a blog, but my space to share creative things or anything I want tbh…

Random fact of the day: You can tell I haven’t been listening to much music on my computer via Youtube when I refresh the homepage and most results consist of The Sims or other weird things I watch on youtube. xD In fact, the only music appearing on my youtube homepage currently is free uncopyrighted music, probably from when I was searching for music for a current Sims 4 speed build video I put together this week…which brings us to this post. xD

Soooo….this is not anything blog, writing or wordpress related, but I like to think of my blog as more than just my space to share my writings or what have you. Instead I would like to hope that this can be my personal space on the internet to share anything creative or whatever the eff I feel like tbh because it is MY space. (HEHE remember Myspace anyone?!) At the very least it is something creative so it kinda is relatable right?

As most of you already know, I am a huge Sim geek and play the Sims almost on a daily basis. Some of you may also recall me discussing wanting to dive into the world of streaming or making my own youtube videos for the heck of it in my free time. Well I haven’t streamed in awhile, but I did manage to produce, edit (To the best of my ability with the lack of equipment I have currently…oh and also being super impatient) and share/upload my first video to youtube. It is obviously related to The Sims and is a Sims 4 speed build. The quality is kinda meh because of my lack of equipment, some lack of computer nerdiness/knowledge and I really wanted to see if it would upload or work before I spend anymore time than the 5 hours or so I already put into this in random spurts this week in my down time. Besides it was more kind of a test or a trial before I plan on uploading more videos or to see if I want to so I can forgive myself for the semi blurry/kinda crap quality this once. If anyone is interested in checking it out you can by simply clicking and following this link as it is just like watching any youtube video. 😛

Also secrets out given my youtube channel name I am sure now all of you know my real name is Jamie. 😛 No more being completely anonymous. Damn! I couldn’t resist with just how perfectly this name rhymes and I thought it was pretty creative. To my surprise it doesn’t seem to already exist as an account on just about anything that I have seen so far. Maybe it is a lot more cheesier than I thought. None the less I hope you enjoy it even if you are not a Sim fan.

I also have uploaded this house to The Sims Resource and they shared it today (had to wait a couple days after having it approved to the site) You can also check out my other builds I have made thus far if you are interested in that sorta thing.

This speed build video was more for fun than anything else and like I said a trial. I will probably share more things in the future on youtube etc but need to work on getting better quality for my recordings.

Btw….Mini update again

You know how I said I was feeling less anxious at work and blah blah blah? Well even though I am and this is by no means defeating or even a bad thing as I am so use to it, but even in the best of times I will never truly escape or not have anxiety. I have been having a great few weeks on nights, but I had a horrible night. It didn’t help that we fell behind for other reasons which only added to my anxiety, but yeah I had horrible anxiety and difficulty functioning for the first couple hours or so at work last night. It’s kinda hard to explain but had this anxious knot in my stomach since I woke up, was being super OCD, felt really off and trying to fight through it and still keep a steady pace pallets fell over on me, cases broke open when I was spotting the first aisle I worked (luckily it was just paper towel, paper plates etc/unbreakable crap) However, not once did I want to give up and go home. I managed to stick it out, fight through it and eventually felt better. I sped up and made up for as much loss time as I could. Haha. I think it could be for a few does tend to happen when I over work myself and I also haven’t been sleeping the best this week. Not because I am having troubles sleeping, but because I have been going to bed too late and telling myself I will sleep more the next day only to repeat the same mistake of staying up for the last few days. Haha. So yeah guys I’m okay, just anxiety is something that will always be apart of my life and I am just glad I fought through it. Like I shared before there is a huge difference of what you are willing to fight through when you enjoy your job.

Ohhh I ran into the store director as he was coming in this morning and I was leaving. He told me my main/big manager told him I am rocking it on nights and I am a great addition to the team. That he is really happy to have me on his team. This made my day 🙂

More tunage…

Music can always save me from anything. When I was being an anxious wreck at work tonight I put on this song and just took a few deep breaths. I slowly started to feel better.

Go your way, I’ll take the long way ’round, I’ll find my own way down, As I should, And hold your gaze, There’s coke in the Midas touch, A joke in the way that we rust, And breathe again