Youtubers On The Autism Spectrum & Families Working With Autism

Families living with people or children on the autism spectrum:

Fathering Autism is a family vlog of a beautiful family who has a daughter on the autism spectrum. They upload videos almost daily or at least very frequently.

Fathering Autism

Kreed’s world is a family who share their amazing journey on youtube. Their son is non-verbal autistic and is learning to communicate with other tools such as his Dynavox T10 with Compass and they hope to give other families and peers hope by sharing these experiences.

Kreed’s World

Autism Family is another family that share their experiences with autism via vlogs.

Autism Family

Youtubers on the autism spectrum who share their stories and experiences:

Invisible I ~ Not all disabilities are visible. Katy is a young woman with Asperger Syndrome and Fibromyalgia sharing her story. She uploads very often about a ton of different content including vlogs, her experiences, Q&A’s, reviews of sensory toys and tons more!

Invisible I

Aspergers From The Inside ~ Paul is a young man who found out he had Asperger Syndrome when he was 30. This is his youtube channel where he shares his experiences, what he has learned and hopes to teach you etc.

Aspergers From The Inside

The Aspie World ~ A young man with Asperger Syndrome who shares his experiences.

Aspie World

Although Amythest Schaber has not seem to have uploaded as much content recently like she use too her channel is an excellent autism resource as she addresses many topics on the autism spectrum and more.

Amythest Schaber

Connor Ward ~ A young man on the autism spectrum also shares his experience on youtube

Connor Ward

Becoming Autism ~ A young woman shares her experience about her discoveries with autism, experience with weight loss and more.

Becoming Autism

Anja Melissa ~ Another young woman with Asperger Syndrome sharing her experiences, times at university and more.

Anja Melissa

Alex’s Asperger Vlogs ~ A young female talking about Asperger Syndrome and life experiences.

Alex’s Aspergers Vlog

The Aspie Girl ~ Alexa talks about her experiences with Asperger Syndrome and hopes to share her creativity with the world.

The Aspie Girl

JessIsAwesome ~ Jess is a young female on the autism spectrum(Asperger Syndrome) has depression, and anxiety. She vlogs and uploads videos about her life experiences and more.


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