Sensory Toys, Educational Tools & Other Resources

Fidget Land is a great resource for award winning fidget toys, rings and more for all ages.

Fidget Land

National Autism Resources website has a wide selection of sensory toys, gifts, educational tools and more for all ages.

National Autism Resources

The Autism Community Store is a huge resource of sensory toys, books, educational toys, sensory furniture and more.

Autism Community Store

Sensory Toy Warehouse is great for award winning sensory toys, activities, multi-sensory room equipment and more!

Sensory Toy Warehouse

Chewie Gem(For The Need To Chew) is great for sensory chew toys and other sensory toys. Note: Once here click from the selective countries that are listed.(IE: If you live in the United States click the link for United States) I am sure the list of countries is growing as are the toys.

Chewie Gem

Lil Bits is a United Kingdom resource for sensory toys, chewies, learning tools, educational toys and more for all ages!

Lil Bits

Stimtastic is another great resource for sensory toys, chew-able jewelry and more!

Stimtastic ~ Because Stimming Is What We Do

Special Kids Company is a wonderful resource for sensory clothing for children.

Special Needs & Adaptive Clothing

OPTI Kinetics is a UK resource for lighting projection for sensory play or time.

(OPTI) Kinetics

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