Autism Resources

Welcome, you have landed on the spot reserved for autism resources on my blog site. Below you will find different autism resources compiled into categories and specific lists of links in each category. Feel free to browse through all the categories as there may be a bit in each one for you or only the ones of interest to you. You can do this by clicking a specific category listed below which will open a new tab and you will see a compiled list of websites or links relating to the category you chose.

If you have any suggestions such as resources you would like me to add, concerns about the wording or resources I used such as they are offensive, not helpful, the way it is organized or any broken links please let me know. Feedback of any kind is very much appreciated as I would like to make this page of autism resources the best it can be and I feel one of the best ways to achieve this is by your help. Any feedback will be addressed, taken seriously and the appropriate actions will be taken.

I hope you find something of interest or helpful.

General Autism Resources

Asperger Syndrome & High Functioning Autism Resources

Autism Resources For Females Of All Ages

Sensory Toys, Educational Tools & Other Resources

TedTalks: Autism

Youtubers On The Autism Spectrum & Families Working With Autism

4 thoughts on “Autism Resources

    1. Thank you for the suggestions, will do. To make sure I know how to allow comments, can you check if the homepage of the autism resource pages allow comments for me? I am pretty sure on just that page alone I allowed comments. Thanks in advance!

      I will also add the two suggested resources to ‘Autism Resources For Female of All Ages.’

      I just realized you commented this on the Autism Resource page, so ignore my first comment here. I know how to do it then and will fix it for all the pages under my resources. Thanks for your help and suggestions again! It is really appreciated. 🙂

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