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The days I could rap Em verses without the song playing…

Another song I listened to a lot as a teen when I was a degenerate. I remember lying on the beach skipping class getting high and rapping songs like this. I knew Em’s verse by heart.

Yo yo yo yo
Schizophrenia, how many of ya got it?
How many motherfuckers can say they psychotic?
How many motherfuckers can say they brain dry-rotted from pot?
You got it like I got it or not?
If you did, you would know just what I’m talkin bout
When your tongue’s rottin out from cotton-mouth
When you end up becomin so dependent on weed
That you end up spendin a G in the vendin machine
You got the munchies, look at you, junk food junkie
Potato chips and lunch meat, up in the front seat
Sometimes you can get so paranoid from ganja
That’s it gotcha thinkin the whole world is watchin ya
Or maybe you don’t smoke, maybe you just roll
But whatever your drug’s yo, go for the gusto
Just don’t, come fuck with me when I’m doin my drugs
You see me in the club don’t come fuckin my high up

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When a song literally makes you laugh out loud. :)

So even though I haven’t shared it yet, I have not deleted it yet and it is almost done meaning…I will finally share my mental illness and autism song playlists on youtube…but not just yet. ;o

Anywhooo…this band (well old band before they kicked out their front man) has been a part of my growing up and helped me through some shit, so of course they are apart of said playlists.

This song is still relevant to this day and a big fuck you to society.

Story time: Every time I hear this song or listen to it now I remember the first time I heard it. I instantly cracked up when Shim sang ‘You all hate your children, they are too fat to feed’ and my cousin was like what are you laughing at? A song that is meant to be more ‘serious’ has never made me laugh like this one. xD

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Somebody had to say it…God Damn…

Surrounding the controversy with BLM and just everything else these past couple months or so…I was going to post myself if I heard ‘white priviledge’ one more fucking time. Every time I hear it I want to throw up in my mouth. No one is born into privilege simply because the color of their skin. You are either born into money (so family ties) or you work your ass off against all odds, no excuses and become successful. I have known the poorest people that come from all races, including whites. The other argument is that whites don’t receive as much brutality from the police. That is also a lie. Cops have killed white people, people have all races have killed cops and so on. In these BLM protests or any other protest for equality or freedom etc…I have seen police pepper spray, beat up and abuse their priviledges against all races including whites. You want to know why? The easy answer? It is citizens vs those in power. It is not race vs race, or left vs right. They want us divided guys. STOP FALLING FOR IT CAUSE IN THE END WE ARE FAILING OURSELVES AND OUR NATIONS.

The media is using you for their own game. They want us divided. BLM’s does not want equality, their movement is as racist against whites as they claim whites are against them. I support equal rights, but I do not support organizations that is trying to fight equality with the same racist bigotry bull shit. I supported BLM when this whole George Floyd thing happened, until I researched it heavily. It’s poison. So is the media. Is there still inequality both for races and genders? Yes, it is not as bad as it use to be, but their is clear evidence it still exists. I am all for fighting for equality, just not this way.

This man took the words out of my mouth and just maybe coming from a minority, he won’t be called a racist and a bigot for defending his opinion.

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WTF Society?!?! Series 6

Hello all my wonderful followers and readers!

Welcome back to another series of ‘WTF Society?!?!’ If you are a new follower reader and unfamiliar with this series it is basically stupid or face palm moments in society I have observed in real life, online, on tv and/or other mediums recently.

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Disclaimer: This series was created for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to offend anyone. If you happen to be offended by anything on these themed posts than I truly apologize and know it was not my intent at all. ~ My Authentic Mind

And yes….I shortened my disclaimer because I can’t be bother constantly explaining myself to sensitive fucks online.

WTF Society?!?! Moment #1

As some of you know the hubby and I went camping for a couple nights as part of our mini vacation last week. (you can check out that post here) I actually forgot to mention the story of our whiny camping neighbors so I am going to update my camping post and re-share the funnies here as well. XD

The campers in an RV to the right of us apparently thought it was stupid to re-hammer our stakes for the tent back in again as they came lose due to the first night’s thunderstorm and winds. The man very loudly and whiny said ‘it is not like the tent is going anywhere.’ Like omg I am sorry for disrupting your peace and wanting to be safe than sorry in case more weather blew in again. Later that afternoon the wife complained about our campfire. ‘Their fire is making our RV smell like smoke’ than continuing to slam the door to her RV and turn on the tv. I am sorry that we enjoy nature and do what most people do when they are camping.

Camping is not a home away from home, and I am very anti ‘let’s watch tv while we are camping or in nature.’ I know in my older years I would eventually get a camper as I won’t want to always sleep in a tent and such, but it will not be some fancy ass RV like they had, where you get everything you get at home. That is not what camping is about. I completely disconnect from the spoils of society when we go camping, and the only reason why I bring my phone with me is to take pictures and in case of emergencies. OH and for music of course, but that is not really being spoiled tbh. Yes, it is your business how you wish to camp, but don’t be making whiny ass complaints about how we camp tbh.

WTF Society?!?! Moment #2
When we were driving to work around 9:45 pm last Friday night, some homeless guy was walking across the street while the light was green and he was not yield to cross the street. He dropped garbage, left it and proceeded to almost get hit by a car who honked their horn. Like dude…you were within seconds of being ran over. I am just lucky it was not us and we were stopped at that intersection red light to turn.

WTF Society?!?! Moment #3
Our work needs a better hiring system. I am tired of people being hired into our department not realizing how physical and how hard the job actually is. We actually had somebody quit because our HR manager apparently thinks a 61 year old who could hardly walk (I get it, elderly people can be in shape…She was NOT) could stock 70 cases an hour. She became way too over whelmed and said the expectations for the job were too much. I am like why can’t they just tell these new hires the expectations and what to expect from the job so they can fairly decide if they want the job or not. Just about every single new hire we get calls in once or twice within their first week. So could they also please preach how important attendance is, especially on nights when the job has to get done every night. They are very strict about attendance in your first 90 days trial period. So of course people have also been fired for that. Oh well, not my money loss. ‘Oh, but we have a hard time getting people to apply to the job’ You wonder why? Because you keep too many useless fucks who are allergic to work leaving it all up to people who do want to work until they get burned out. (can I get fired for ranting about shit like this? xD)

WTF Society?!?! Moment #4
Driving home from work the other morning we almost ran into some dumb bitch who waiting forever at the turn out and then last minute decided to speed out in front of us. She had plenty of time to pull out in front of us, I just didn’t understand why she waited until the very last second to do so. Thankfully my hubby is aware of the dumb asses on the road and was already slowed down, even though she showed no signs of wanting to turn out.

WTF Society?!?! Moment #5
Norwegian news claims that 18 million people will die of corona virus….Norway has a population of 5.3 million. So more people that exist in Norway will die? *facepalm

You still believe in the Coronavirus hype? Rather it is real or not, all around the world including the western world the death count is being way to over hyped. I hope the USA comes out with another article saying ‘cause of death: probable symptoms of covid’ AKA possibly…AKA not confirmed.

WTF Society?!?! Moment #6
Trump claims he was honored with ‘man of the year’ in Michigan 5 years ago. Unfortunately there is no articles or proof of this being presented to him or anyone saying it. So I guess he is just making up awards now. How about ‘most entertaining president of the USA’ award? And not in a good way.

That concludes this series. I hope you all enjoyed it!

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What/Who Matters Most To You?

Hello all my lovely bloggers and readers!!!

It’s question time guys!

I am hoping to start a conversation or discussion with this post as blogging is not always just about writing, but also being apart of and active in a community. You don’t have to take part obviously, but if you want to join in the fun you can do so by answering in the comment section, writing your own blog post and ping back to this post if you wish or use your imagination in how you want to participate.

What/who matters most to you?

My husband and family mean everything to me and if anything were to happen to any of them, my world would come crashing down. However, I feel this is something that is very obvious and goes without saying so…that is not my answer or what this post is about. 🙂

For me it is, music. In one form or another music has always meant a fucking lot to me and is a huge part of my everyday life. It is not always listening or writing music, but at some point of everyday will revolve around music. I can sit down or lye on my bed and listen to music for hours on end. Listening to music is not only one of my favorite past times, but it is something I will do when I am feeling really over whelmed or going through a really difficult time. I often listen to music in the background rather I am cleaning my room, doing chores, writing or playing a game. It can be background music, but it seems no matter what I am doing it becomes the main focus a lot of the time. It motivates me to be more active and also work faster. It helps keep my focus. A lot of the time I will hum a tune in my head and come up with my own lyrics. Sometimes I will write it down, especially if I like it or feel like I can make something out of it and sometimes I won’t. When I get songs stuck in my head as most of us do, I will sing it on repeat all day. I love to dance, even though I am a horrible dancer. I will spend hours dancing around my room or around the house and have since a child. Even though I am an extremely shy person I will dance in public when I am out with my husband, friends and/or family. I have thousands of songs by different artists and bands on my computer(somewhere around 6000 to be exact), ipod (yes I still use old school shit….almost 5000 on my ipod and that is without adding music to it in years) and I have huge collection of CD’s(I believe I have at least a 50 cd booklet filled to capacity including some slots have double cds as I ran out of room) from my child and teen hood. Unfortunately when I moved to the USA I had to get rid of the cd cases as I didn’t have the room to take them with me. I plan to rebuy all of them on cd or vinyl just so I can have cases for significant purposes. I have playlists on youtube or spotify for every single mood or activity etc. As cheesy or shallow as it may be, when my husband played the guitar and sang for me for the first time it actually helped me fall head over heels for him. It is like my weakness besides sense of humor. I listen and am more evolved with music than most people I know and it is difficult to describe just how much it means to me.

Music has been something that has always been there for me when no one else was. It has been every bit part of my journeys and growing up. It has saved my life multiple times, but it feels like it is more than that. It is my drug, religion and my life. I truly believe I would not be here today if it was not for music and that my life could not exist without it.

So my fellow bloggers and friends…what matters most to you?