Revised: My Thoughts On Valentine’s Day

I am enjoying a nice cup of coffee while the hubby got off from work and is getting his much needed game time in. We are so alike in many ways, and one of those things is down time after work is important to both of us. I also took a nice nap and binged out some Heartland as I am still re-watching the series for a second time and I am feeling a bit better. So I thought I would take this time to re share a post from my older blog ‘Rude Girl ~ Living In An Aspie World’ about Valentine’s day since it is soon approaching. Except I am going to rewrite it in a way it has less aggression and less cursing than last time, at least that’s the plan. 😃 No promises. Hehe.

So here we go…

This post will share why I was never huge about Valentine’s Day and why I actually wouldn’t mind if it was completely removed, unless said changes happen. (Which I will share in this post.) Part of the reason may have been because I never really had many relationships growing up, especially in high school so I never really needed to celebrate the day. However, I have other reasons and they are not just because I am lonely and/or have anything against those who do celebrate this day. I however will be hating on Valentine’s day haters while hating on Valentine’s day because I am just contradictory like that. xD So bare with me.

The main reason why I never celebrated Valentine’s day and still don’t feel the need too even if I was in a relationship and now married is because I don’t think we need a day dedicated to celebrate love when it should be celebrated everyday. I do believe it is nice to go out for a nice dinner, or to shower your loved one with gifts once in awhile to show they are appreciated. I wouldn’t say no to being spoiled ever (because I kind of am tbh.) However, I think it is a lot more special to do this sporadically or whenever you want to do something nice for each other or for your partner just because you love them or whatever it may be and not because a day is set on the calender for it. I honestly believe it is more of a surprise and more meaningful when your partner does something special for you whenever because they want to and not on a day you are expecting it. Not to mention I am sure there are massive arguments sometimes between couple’s if one forgets what day Valentine’s day is or for whatever reason cannot do something on this day for their loved one. So yes I am not against celebrating your love or doing something special for one another, I just don’t understand why we need a day for it.

The fact valentine’s day is mainly for the females (you can argue that all you want, but we all know it’s true. If this was a man’s world I doubt the day would even exist) is really appalling to me. Sexism at it’s best. Yes it is not just the females that are always left out or left behind, hate to break it to you. If it wasn’t, why are men trying to petition for their day? If you have never heard of it, it is March 14th. Look it up. I don’t celebrate this day either, but I don’t expect to be showered with gifts and dinners on Valentine’s day either so my opinion is invalid. There is also international men’s and women’s day that I hardly hear about, so there is that too. Why is Valentine’s day so important?!

Another reason why I don’t care for Valentine’s day and in my opinion I think more people should consider this or at least petition for it, is it is not even a holiday. Seriously, why isn’t it? Every other silly celebration pretty much is so why can’t we have lovers day off? Wouldn’t it be nice to stay home, relax and cuddle with your loved one, maybe watch some romantic chick flicks or maybe go out to a nice dinner etc? You could like negotiate and make a deal that valentine’s day is the only day your partner has to sit through chick flicks with you. See I think this is a brilliant idea and I am pretty sure at least the females would petition with me on this.

This is probably more of a personal pet peeve of mine, but social media, school work etc becomes flooded with love birds who brag and sometimes even go out of their way to show how great it is they are in love (especially common in high school and young couples. Like no sorry dear you are 14, you probably wont be marrying your first boyfriend that you have been dating for two weeks. Please just eat your chocolate and shush.) They spend money on senseless and cliché gifts like flowers that die. On the other side of the coin you have those teens or people who cry how much they hate the day, pretty much venting so loud they could start a rally because they are lonely and share or write senseless babble (like I am doing right now tbh. Hahaha No.) how cool it is to get on the Valentine’s hate train. Like seriously, stop whining if you were truly happy with your life and being single you wouldn’t let couples bother you enough you have to take time out of your life to share it. I think it would be fine if we could just be happy being single, in a relationship, married or whatever it may be and not be creating senseless drama. Like I said, I don’t care or have anything against couples who want to celebrate Valentine’s day, if that is your thing then you have my support and all the kudos to you.

The hype of it just like any other stupid holiday us humans have is way over the top and it is getting worse imo. Like now we can buy Valentine Day cards for our family members, your friends, stranger you just met on the street etc, your 10th cousin (that is an exaggeration but it is kinda that ridiculous/) Like can we stop making cards for everyone. It is like we are becoming special snowflakes. Valentine’s Day is for lovers, Father’s Day is for dads and Mother’s Day is for moms. You don’t need to buy something for everyone and their brother. Like please just stop this non sense in general. It is bad enough we have days for everyone as if we need a day to celebrate what someone means to us when it should be celebrated everyday or just because you love them and appreciate them.

I am married to the love of my life and my best friend, so my reasons for being on the Valentine’s Day hate train is not about any of that or not having someone to celebrate it with. At least not anymore. I just have a few reasons why I never felt the need to celebrate it and if it goes by without us celebrating it won’t change a thing. My life is no better or worse with or without this day. However, I do think we should bring awareness and petition it to be a holiday, I really do. One thing that I do love about Valentine’s day and I will end this post on a positive note is all the expensive brands and good chocolate goes on sale after Valentine’s day to get rid of stock etc. As do other things like stuffed animals. I love my chocolate and things like that. So woot! Maybe I will cheat my diet and spoil myself a bit with chocolate after lovers day.

My advice to everyone is rather you are single, in a new relationship,in a serious relationship, married or whatever your status may be just enjoy the day. Rather you celebrate it or not. If you do not celebrate it, just enjoy it like any other day because it is really just a day! Even the creation of the day itself is ridiculous tbh. I still believe it was invented for Hallmark and businesses to make money off your love. So stop hating on loved ones and don’t be so spiteful because your partner may forgot the day.

Now for a cheesy and cliché love song as Valentine’s day is, but equally means a lot to me and I absolutely adore. It is one of my all time favorite love songs that I didn’t let radio and media ruin for me by over playing it.

Or if you are looking for love song ideas for Valentine’s day, in general or are interested I made three love song playlists. I will share them again and I know they are long ass playlists, but what can I say I love music! I did break them or tried to break them into three categories: My personal favorite or meaningful love songs to me, pop and alternative love songs.

My Personal Love Song Playlist:

Alternative Love Song Playlist

Pop Love Song Playlist:

If you are still reading this post, I’d like to give another huge shout out for all my followers and new ones because I am really taken back by how fast this blog has grown and the positive support it has received. I just opened this blog recently and my support is growing a lot faster than I thought it would. It took me like a year almost on my last blog to reach 100 followers, yet I have almost already reached that milestone here and I just opened this blog a few weeks ago. Yes a lot of that is support from my followers from my older blog, but I have had a lot of new faces join me here as well. So another huge thank you for those who followed me on my journey thus far and a huge warm welcome to new followers. It means a lot and is really inspiring to keep blogging.

I am off to listen to music and sim out. I also need to find a movie on netflix for the hubby and I to watch tonight. If anyone has any suggestions I am open to ideas! 😃



I am a 30-year-old female living life on the autism spectrum and still trying to find my place in the world. I have other associated disorders or mental illnesses such as OCD, anxiety (generalized and social) and a history of depression to name a few. I love writing and have been writing different styles for as long as I can remember. Like most people who have a strong passion for writing I started writing stories and wrote in a journal in grade school. I remember specifically purchasing my first diary/journal that had a lock with my cousin when I was around 10 year-of-age. I was very excited to start writing in it as it was the first fanciest and most formal writing tool I owned. I think that was when my writing journey really began as I started to write daily. Some of my main goals for this blog is to write about autism, it's associated disorders and my life in hopes to help others. To spread awareness and educate in hopes to end some of the stigmas society has attached to things mental illness and autism. To meet like minded bloggers or be inspired by other writers. Other than that I will post or share anything that is of interest or pops into my head. As I grow older, the more I understand about myself and experience life I find myself wanting to seek a further diagnoses or a reevaluation. That is part of the reason why I am opening a new blog here and the reason for my new found blog name. So I hope you all will join me on my continued journey and new discoveries. My diagnoses are not all who I am so here are some random facts about myself. Some of my hobbies besides writing include music, The Sims 3, Xbox, Netflix, scrapbooking and the outdoors. I have a very strong passion for music. It is like my drug/medicine/obsession and you may catch me from time to time preaching it like a religion. Apologies in advance I am married to a man who is not on the spectrum, but he is as equally as amazing and I am insanely in love with him. Like my rants about my life and music you will also hear a lot about him. I was born and raised in Canada who recently seeked Permanent Residence in the USA, so I am no longer an illegal alien. Although I am still an 'alien' tbh. I say imo and tbh too much. (imo = in my opinion/tbh = to be honest) They are also probably the only two abbreviations you will catch me using as one of my many pet peeves are people who 'typ like dis' The only thing that probably makes me a stereotypical Canadian is my obsession with hockey. I am a very organized person. However, it is normally with things that don't really matter in life such as my files on my computer that are organized in folders, within folders... I often can be perceived as rude at first until you get to know me. I have a huge imagination. Some of my favorite animals are dogs, cats, monkeys, penguins and elephants. I prefer animals to humans tbh. Basically I am another complexed human being like everyone else trying to find her way through life and I welcome you all to my newly found blog. This description is subject to change at anytime as my blog grows, I add more facts about myself or for whatever reason I feel fit. ~ My Authentic Mind

One thought on “Revised: My Thoughts On Valentine’s Day

  1. I sort of half-agree with you. Theoretically, why do we need a specific day to celebrate love and romance and treat our partner? Lets be romantic all year! In reality, my man (most men?) often need reminding that romance exists, and they should probably employ some 😛

    Unfortunately for me, our anniversary is the week before so my husband has a get out of jail free card for valentine’s day… I try not to let it bother me.

    So my feelings about valentine’s day are basically a mild, petty, grumpy, jealousy… But also a total lack of expectation or surprise haha

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