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More Kitty Videos!

So I have been really bad with keeping up with sharing videos and/or pictures of my kittens on here and/or on their youtube channel as they get older. Like I am still really behind. Aha. So I just have been randomly spamming 3-5 videos at a time instead at random moments.

Anyways here are some older videos (they were probably anywhere between 3-4 months here and they are now almost 8 months hehe) I uploaded today. I am not sure if I shared the last time I shared a few videos as well, but you can also check them out on their youtube channel, Mika&Apollo. 🙂

I also figured out how to add like suggested videos from my channel. Becoming more youtube savvy is key to build their youtube channel! Aha

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I could also use a wee laugh. ;)

As some of you guys know Matt Heafy from Trivium has been a huge help through the lock down. His streams on twitch and community on there is so positive. I love coming home from a hard night’s work, enjoying music and hanging out on his 9 am weekday streams.

Anywhooo….one day he was just effing around mixing My Chemical Romance, his own band’s music etc and with some autotune etc. He had everyone cracking up. I was laughing so hard I was crying. Then their drummer from Trivium also comes in the stream chat jokingly threatening to sue. I was like omg guys I was having an awful week until now. It was a much needed chill moment. 🙂 ❤

Then leave it to his fans to always clip his streams and upload them to youtube. xD

This is of course the original without the remix and autotune. 🙂

Side Note: If this pandemic ends and things go back to normal, Trivium is touring this summer and will be in Clarkston, Michigan, USA which is a really close city to us, and we are getting tickets to see them. I can’t wait! Just may have to work a ton of over time as if we want decent seats it can range from 150-300 a ticket. Plus moving right before then as well. xD I can already tell this is going to be a much better year than 2020. ❤

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We over here having petty arguments about race…meanwhile this song is being cancelled (freedoms right?) and the middle class is seizing to exist etc. WAKE UP AMERICA!

This shit is fire. People need to stop feeding into the media garbage. It’s time we unite we are fighting the same enemy. ❤

These lyrics right here

‘They never freed the slaves, they realized that they don’t need the chains, They gave us tiny screens, we think we free ’cause we can’t see the cage, They knew that race war would be the game they’d need to play, For people to pick teams, they use the media to feed the flame’

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WTF Society?!?! Series 8

Hello all you gorgeous faces!

Welcome back to another series of ‘WTF Society?!?!’ If you are unfamiliar with this series or new to my blog it is basically ‘wtf’ moments I have recently observed in my everyday life, tv, the internet, news or other mediums.

Disclaimer:This series was created for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to offend anyone. If you happen to be offended by anything on these themed posts than I truly apologize and know it was not my intent at all. However, I can only be so apologetic when it comes to calling people out on their shit. Please remember that this is not related to or directed at anything/anyone specifically. This series, much like my blog also contains moments of cursing, offensive terms and other words that may be found not child friendly. Proceed with caution. This blog is rated R for ruthless. 🙂 ~ My Authentic Mind

(I need to really stop changing my disclaimer tbh, but honestly guys it needs work. Any advice? 🙂 )

If you missed my previous ‘WTF Society’ Series and are interested you can view them by clicking the following links below:

WTF Society?!?! Moment #1

So I can’t exactly speak about it or go into too much detail because it is work, but basically my co worker talked shit to me the other day. This was her second comment to me and just believe me it had no merit and she really failed to prove her point. It was fucking hilarious, but also pissed me off at the same time. She took it a step further the next day, but whatevers I am ignoring her and her little boyfriend from now on. I ignored the comment the first time, second time I spoke my mind and proved my point. Now I just don’t have anything more to say to her. 🙂 But here is some tunes about talking bitches talking shit. Enjoy. ❤

‘Finally, I can see you crystal clear, Go ahead and sell me out, and I’ll lay your shit bare, See how I’ll leave with every piece of you, Don’t underestimate the things that I will do’

‘I ain’t the dish rag to come clean up all the shit that you dish out’

Okay moving on. Sorry I got carried away there. Music is the greatest thing ever though…I just made this pumped up playlist for work so I can just ignore useless comments and bitches. 🙂

WTF Society?!?! Moment #2 (Drunk customer makes his second appearance on my series)

Remember that drunk customer at my work I told you about on my last ‘WTF Society’ Series 7? If not you can view it by clicking the link above!

The other night at work one of my co workers and I were bringing a pallet out of the aisle to grab another one and this drunk guy came around the corner and we were apparently in his way. He was already in the aisle we were working in before so I assumed he was going straight and not back into our aisle. So assuming, I jumped back towards the aisle we were working in so he could go straight by the aisle, but apparently I was wrong. He needed to go back into that aisle I was in, and instead of waiting to signal me that he wanted to go there or saying excuse me he speeded ahead. If I had not dodged it, he would have ran into me with his cart. If I have another incident with this man, I will be talking to a manager about it and maybe he will get banished from the store. 🙂

WTF Society?!?! Moment #3

Yesterday coming home from work this guy in some piece of shit beater car was riding our ass. Like you couldn’t even see his headlights in the mirrors he was so close. He also almost caused an accident by riding so close to our car. He was also swerving through traffic trying to speed ahead everyone on the road etc. When he was riding so close to our bumper, my husband just did one little break check and he was so close he had to swerve to the other lane, again almost causing an accident. For a minute we lost him from behind us as he got stuck in the lane next to us. He however was so pissed off by that one little break check he proceeded to catch up to us and started pacing us, he also tried the whole cut us off trick, but failed to do so. He was yelling out the window, giving us the middle finger and gesturing my husband to get out of the car and fight him. I don’t know what he was yelling as people are psycho and I don’t chance rolling down my window in case they throw something at me or my husband, or they try to grab me or some shit. Think he was even more pissed he was yelling at himself and we were just laughing. He proceeded to pace us for a couple minutes. Maybe we shouldn’t have break checked him, but it is rare people ride your ass that fucking close and leave no room to properly stop or slow down if need be. Is what I don’t understand is he was speeding and swerving through traffic like he was in such a rush to get somewhere, yet he wasted his time pacing us for a few minutes and making stupid gestures. Like brah wtf?

WTF Society?!?! Moment #4

Remember that Pharmacist who destroyed like 500 Covid 19 Vaccines? Well apparently he believes the earth is flat. How is he a pharmacist? Like for real? I can’t believe this shit exists. ‘The sky is not real guys, it is a shield to keep us from seeing God.’ No words.

WTF Society?!?! Moment #5

Ten percent of capitol rioters did not vote in the election. So you attacked the capital to over turn the election, but didn’t vote? Wow. This shit is special. Think before you act. The excuse oh you didn’t know or…I was brainwashed into it is not an excuse.

WTF Society?!?! Moment #6

My husband and I went to Tim Horton’s this morning and this lady ahead of in line was being a pretentious cunt. The guy at drive thru handed the little fufu drink to her and closed the window. She honked the horn until he opened the window again and complained her drink wasn’t hot enough. The guy offered her to make her a new one and she complained again the second one freshly made also wasn’t to her standards. She asked to speak to the manager at this point who tested her drink with a thermometer and said they are not legally able to make it any hotter because if it spills on her they can be held liable. I wonder if that is because of the guy at McDonald s that one time sued for burning himself with a hot cup of McDonald’s coffee. Hehe. She continued to throw her arms in the air and screams ‘Can’t I just get a hot drink!!!’ The manager patiently explained that they can make yet another drink for her, but she would have to go inside or to the end of the drive thru line as other people in line are waiting on orders that are now getting cold. At this point my husband yelled out our car window ‘Go to starbucks if you want to be this picky you entitled cunt’ along with some other not nice words. She stormed off in her yuppi audi car without her drink. We apologized to the people at the drive thru window, but they actually appreciated that we said words they could not use. Seriously why are there so many selfish entitled people in this world? 😦

Alright guys that’s it.

Quick Life Update: As I mentioned before, I am on call on my three days off since they cut hours. Well I was called in Tuesday night last minute which worsened my already poor mental health as I struggle so hard with not having a normal routine. I apologize that I won’t be sharing a youtube video this week, nor did I last week like I planned too, but will as soon as I am up for it again. In the mean time I am going to take my last night off work this week to relax with my kittens and watch some chick shows or movies. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. ❤ Ohh….if you missed my ‘welcome to my channel’ first youtube video you can view it here:

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Elloooo peeps :)

Hello all my lovely followers and readers!

This is just going to be another one of those update posts as I am still not in the mind set to really write anything more formative, or I dunno what the word would be. Lol.

I was going to post a video of me folding laundry in real time for those who have autism, ADHD, depression etc and may struggle with tasks such as cleaning, like myself. It was in hopes to help or maybe inspire someone to get some cleaning done themselves or at least wouldn’t feel so alone. Either way, I recorded the footage and ended up hating most of it. So much it wasn’t even really worth trying to edit, and if it was when I went to go edit it in one of my programs on my computer it didn’t support the format I had OBS set for record. Which reminds me I still need to fix those settings in OBS. So I basically trashed the video. Yup a whole hour of footage, in the garbage. I am off to such a great start on youtube, aren’t I? 🙂 Oh well, there are still more videos to come including another idea of cleaning. If you missed my basic AF welcome to my channel video for youtube, you can watch it here.

I was going to actually do a random facts about me/myself video tonight while the apartment is quiet and I am home alone, I still might…but…I feel like absolute crap. I dunno if it is my period, my anxiety or the fact I drank three tall boys last night and went to bed without eating anything or if it is a combination of both. Whatever the reason is, I already puked once this morning. On top of that I am having the worse cramps and I am just glad I don’t work tonight, well hoping I won’t get called in. So yes, I still may post a video, but it is doubtful as I will most likely curl up on the couch with my kittens and watch some TV and just enjoy a quiet night to myself.

My mental health is still struggling and I am having a hard time getting going on my 2021 goals, or at least keeping up with some of them. I am hoping it is just a bad week and I am not going to trash another year of my life tbh. It is not even that I am failing at my life, or with things like going to work or getting things done that need to be done. I am going to work every shift and I actually get excited to run errands like going to the store and stuff. Yesterday, we bought a new HP printer (my laptop is HP so it made sense) and it was relatively cheap. We needed one for some time now, but especially now so we can print our state taxes etc so yeah we went out and shopped for one. I am sure you will see it and my new desk set up as we also moved the file cabinet out here from the closet in future videos and/or pictures. Anywhoo….back to my mental health. It is not that I am necessarily struggling to do shit, it is more I can’t relax in my down time. I don’t feel restless either, because I have been sleeping a lot from not being able to like settle down and enjoy anything in my down time. So I guess my mind is restless? I am unsure if it has to do with my autism or ADHD, either way it sucks. However, with my ability to still get stuff done in my life and go to work without too much trouble, I assume I am not burned out anymore or at least as much as I was.

I think the three days off work is really helping besides the fact I could get called in for any of those nights and that makes it hard to relax. Maybe that is playing more of a factor than I thought it would? Like I don’t even look forward to my days off anymore because I don’t know if I am gonna have three days off and it is really messing with my routine. I just want to go back to normal hours and normal scheduling. The three days off is a bonus and much needed, but like I’d rather have a set schedule where I know my days off it is very rare they would call me in and I can truly relax. Not this whole….I could most likely get called in for a 5th shift because of a call off and our shift is has a lot of call offs. I dunno…maybe I am being a wimp about it. Probably…oh well? Like that anything that screws with my routine will screw up my ability to function. It’s stupid I know, but for whatever reason it is causing unnecessary anxiety.

So our work gives us these points for things like holidays, going above and beyond the job at work and other things. Those points can basically be used as real money and the store thing orders from Best Buy, Petco, Lowe’s and many other stores. You can also get gift cards for pretty much anywhere. You just have to pay the taxes on what you order, but you are still getting the majority of what you want for free. I have never spent my points and neither has my husband besides he got a couple gift cards a year or so back. We both want to get the Nintendo Switch Lite, $200 Petco gift card each (so we can get our kitties a cat tower, more toys and even food etc) and spend the rest on gift cards for our own store so we can buy food, gas etc for weeks. I really want the Switch guys. Like I have been wanting to get animal crossing since it came out. I had the app version for awhile on my tablet and absolutely loved it, and even though it was not the same as the actual switch game, it was still of similar idea and made by Nintendo. I was obsessed with it, but the aholes did some update so it doesn’t work on most outdated version of tablets/phones anymore. I was pissed to say the least. I even contacted Nintendo about it to vent my anger and how I feel about them. I never got a reply however. 😦 The game works wonders on your mental health too. I dunno, I just need it in my life. You will probably not see me as much (not that you do right now anyways tbh) and I will probably quit youtube before I even got started once I get animal crossing. I’m kidding, but seriously it will become my newest obsession I am sure and I will be glued to it basically 24/7. Maybe I shouldn’t get it especially when I am trying to get my life together. Jk. 🙂 So yes I am excited, we just need to pay the rest of this month’s bills off which we already have in the bank, and then do some massive ordering and it is about a two week or less wait. Well hopefully, I dunno what it’s been like since the pandemic has started etc. Hopefully I won’t have to wait months. 😛

Anywhoooo….That is all that is new in my life. Not a very exciting update I know, but it is better than leaving my blog in hiatus and sometimes I just love writing out random shit even if it is meaningless tbh. 🙂 I am off to play some valorant. I hope everyone is having a great week. 🙂

I have been on an old (not new, without Shim phase eeewww*puke*) Sick Puppies binge. ❤

This song means a fucking lot to me and has ever since the first time I heard it. It has helped me through my depression time and time again. I told Shim (lead of Sick Puppies before the band broke up) on twitch this song basically saved my life more than once. ❤

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Guys…I am dying from laughing.

Before I share these clips…Please note I know these people do not speak for the majority of Americans, or even Trump supporters. But knowing that even 1% of the population is this fucking stupid is just sad. :/

Who will be alive in 2080????????

This makes me hope humanity is abolished by 2080 tbh.

Put the bill…the board?! up in this country! Maybe if we put some strong sturdy boards around America the stupid ones won’t figure out how to jump over them to unleash their ignorance on the world. >.>

Barack Obama was not in the oval office in 9/11. What I want to know is where was he during WW1, WW2 etc…..That’s it guys, Obama’s absences is why USA is failing to be great again.

‘Like yyyyyooooooouuuuuuu say nobody made it to the top without breaking a few pieces of China.’ You gotta admit guys that was almost pretty slick tbh.

‘we love everything about Donald Trump’ ‘He’s gonna make America great again’ ‘and bring back our jobs’ Fr…that sounded rehearsed. Something you would put on a billboard or something. Like brah….

Donald Trump is speaking our minds guys!

Those regular couples be working so hard and equality means you want more. >.>

But haven’t all wars been started by men? …yes, but still a woman would start a war as president and therefor is not qualified.

Describe Trump in three words.

‘he is not a bitch’ WRONG that is 5 words…

Climate change has been going on since the beginning of time guys because it is called winter, spring, summer and fall.

We were all just chillin before Obama came along.

‘Your mind is made up without any information…my mind is made up.’ FACEPALM

guys I hope these people are trolling.

‘I think a woman belongs at home’ *not at home*

You are wrong, but SOME women should never leave the kitchen and spread their stupidity yes.

I actually commented on this video.

My comment:

‘how can you be gay and muslim and come to America and expect to be free? Because that’s an oxymoron.’ um what?

America land of the free unless you are gay or muslim or both. 🙂


I have never experienced anything bad because I am white. *noted*

Obama and Hilary are demons. 🙂

We are over COVID guys. 😉

‘because I don’t believe in numbers’ just wow…

We got no time for reading guys.

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While my very first youtube vlog is processing…

So I recorded and uploaded my first youtube video. It is titled ‘welcome to my youtube channel all you gorgeous people.’ It was also very much unedited and me reading off some notes I wrote beforehand. So yes super messy and embarrassing. 😛 I figured I needed an intro video before I just upload something random af like me folding my laundry, which I am still going to do. Hopefully tonight, but this first intro video is taking forever to process on youtube. I will share it here as soon as it is done promise! So in the mean time here is a song that reminds me of my autism and also kind of suiting for my nerve wracking first youtube vlog.

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Continuing with my positive changes and deep cleaning goals. :)

I just finished another load of laundry! I just have one more load to do of the laundry that has been sitting in my closet dirty for months….I know it’s gross. :/ My two biggest challenges when it comes to laundry is doing more than outside of our everyday wear or work clothes and folding clothes. I HATE folding clothes, it is like one of my most dreaded chores. Most of the time I just clean my laundry and let it sit in laundry baskets in our closet until we wear them again or not. So with wanting to continue a strong start with bettering my life I am going to be making a video tomorrow night when my husband is at work of folding all the clean laundry in my closet. It is quite a bit. This is of course pending rather I get called in to work or not, but hopefully I won’t be. 🙂 You may find folding laundry a really boring topic for a youtube video, and it probably is in a way, but I feel like it could be inspiring to someone or some people who struggle with the same things I do like cleaning and having a clean space. I also want to share some tips in how to stay motivated to do it etc and just in a way feel like I am doing it with the people viewing the video, as weird as that sounds. Haha. So yes pending I don’t get called into work in which case I will do something else next week, look forward to a video soon!

Oh and if you missed my last post of bettering my life in 2021, you can view it here. ❤

Now for a song with some positive vibes and reminds me of good times with my parents. 🙂