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Sometimes I’ll fall down, sometimes I’ll lose hope, but those days will be few if I keep my feet on the ground(update post)

Heyyy all you gorgeous people!

Remember how I promised to share a post about my thoughts on ABA therapy? Well I promise it is still in the works, but I have been too overwhelmed with life lately to finish it soooo we will have to settle for another updatey post instead.

My husband has transferred to a different department at our store. He was a General Merchandise inventory coordinator if you didn’t know, but got offered a position as Produce(fresh foods) 3rd shift where his main responsibility is unloading the trucks not just for his own department, produce, but meats, dairy, deli and such. It is less stressful, less physical on him and now makes as much as I do as 3rd shift a few months back got offered a raise because the graveyard shift sucks. Lol. So yes for awhile there I was making more than my hubby. 😛 Sexist right? … No stfu. So obviously he is enjoying it and loves his new job opportunity and it is great we can still work in the same store. Why wouldn’t he love it? Less stress, less phsyical work and more money seems like a sweet deal to me. XD Aside from his new position, we both have been working a ton of hours, some we have offered and some has been due to staffing problems or call offs. His new position also comes with more opportunities for over time, like myself as in most stores food drives sales all year around, while GM only makes money more around Christmas time or some holidays. Which is great as we still have plans in getting out of the apartment system and buying our own house. We would love to do it next year, but we got a bit behind somewhere down the line, so it may have to wait a bit longer so we can save and the house market is not the best right now etc…Hopefully not though and we could possibly be looking into doing it when our leash ends early of next year.

As nice as working extra hours to save money or try to catch up etc is for my bank account and bills, it is pretty much murderous to my mental health and hence I have been more over whelmed than normal. Especially when it is unplanned or nothing I volunteered for. I did a sixth day willingly and on my own account, then I took my two days off last week thinking it would be enough to recharge myself, but ended up working a very long week after that as we had people out for medical, on vacation and then dealt with a call off on top of that. It made for very long nights. Saturday we had 3 people and Sunday night we had two of our workers including myself. It was pretty brutal, but the extra over time has allowed me to not volunteer for a sixth day this week so I am hoping my two days off will help me bounce back and this week should be back to normal as at the very least the couple people on vacation will be back. I am still kinda pissed though how last week went down and a reminder of why retail can suck ass. Oh well I survived.

I am using my two days off to listen to a ton of music, play games either on my computer or on my tablet and just relax. Outside of cat care or say cooking food, I have not done shit since I started my two days off and plan to do the same before I return to work tomorrow night. I was even going to post another ‘WTF Society’ post to continue my series, but I have been so overwhelmed I am shutting down including my memory so like I literally forget incidents or scenarios where people are complete idiots to share. However, have no fear as there is no shortage of idiots in society so I will be sharing another series soon! I may be able to share it tonight if my brain can get it’s shit together.

I heard some unfortunate news from my family the other day. I guess my cousin who has been diabetic (type 1…Juvenile) since he was 13 got a bone infection in his toe, and he waited so long to go to the doctors he almost lost his toe, they were at one point talking about cutting off even more than just his toe. He is still not taking care of his diabetes or himself and said he walks around slunched over with his hoodie up, sometimes even walks with a cane and looks like he is in his 80’s when he is 32 years old. They said he has almost no circulation in his knees and lower(to his feet) as he is now smoking a ton of pot and cigarettes. My brother and I use to be really close to him, like we spent a lot of time with him as kids, sleepovers etc. He was my brother’s best friend when they were boys as they were always a year apart and he is two years younger than I. I am not sure what happened to him when he was diagnosed with diabetes at the early age of 13, but he has never taken care of it no matter how much support we give him or how much we try to help him. It’s tough and I am sure extremely hard on his family. I hope he gets his shit together.

Sometimes I really hate my OCD, well actually most of the time I do. I haven’t played the Sims 4 in quite sometime and instead have been binging out on vegan videos etc, playing a few matches of valorant or sleeping in the amount of my down time I have had…So I thought this morning I may play some simmies, but was going through my Mods folder again and realized how unorganized it is or I dislike how I organized it and some mods have to be outdated by now as I haven’t played in momths. So instead of just like going through my Mods folder like most people do I just deleted all my mods and custom content. Lol. Which is something I do a lot and then regret it because most of the time I end up reinstalling the same CC and mods anyways. Now my down time will probably consist of reinstalling and organizing CC and mods for the sims 4 instead of actually just playing the game. Oh well, least it gives me something to do and a part of me is excited to start all over again as it was getting hard to keep track of and a disorganized mess etc yet again.

Since I am even too overwhelmed, irritated with life etc to even really share my emotions or feelings etc here is some songs as music always speaks to me. XD

This song means a fucking lot to me. ❤

I have been really irritated lately so this song is boss. XD

Another common theme in my autism playlists. I am still obsessed with this song yes.

In some ways, this song reminds me of my cousin Josh. This song is so relatable for many scenarios I find. ❤ Yet one of the saddest songs. My parents and brother went back to visit with most of our family as it was my grandma’s funeral(I couldn’t visit because of immigration taking for fucking ever to renew my shit) and my cousin wouldn’t even see my brother as he was embarassed. :/ I am thinking about giving my cousin a call soon and at least catch up on life, let him know I care about him even if we don’t discuss the obvious.

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Here is my latest post on my vegan blog ‘How To Transition To A Vegan Lifestyle’

The Honest Vegan

So you want to transition to a vegan lifestyle, but you don’t know where to start. It all seems so overwhelming! Any lifestyle change can seem daunting, but a lot of the time the idea of adopting a new lifestyle is a lot scarier than actually doing it. Taking baby steps or making one change at a time can make the transition much smoother and feel more natural. It is important to go at your own pace and remember that baby steps are okay. Finding a method of what works for you is very important to make the transition to veganism possible. All that matters is you reach your goal of becoming vegan, not the journey of how you got there.

Here are my personal ideas, tips and guidelines to help you transition to becoming vegan. Just make sure to tailor them to your specific needs and what will work…

View original post 4,038 more words

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Their faces are priceless. <3 (post on my vegan blog coming soon!)

The faces they were making while people were trying to make their arguments cracked me up. Absolutely priceless. ❤

Can we stop saying the way we choose to farm and exploit animals have anything to do with the cycle of life? Even our hunting and fishing etc has to be controlled. Humans do not fit anywhere in the ecosystem, if anything we are an unnatural existence since nothing is dependent on us to live or to survive. The planet, animals and everything would in fact be better off without us. So the cycle of life discussion when it comes to us is mute. I honestly feel humans advanced not only too fast, but far beyond what we were suppose to and it is why we create an imbalance in nature. Maybe I am just crazy for thinking that though.

So my vacation was spent more sleeping than anything else or just relaxing and watching a lot of tv so I did not get around to working on all my projects I have planned for my blogs and other things. I did make a decent dent in working on my blog post I have planned for my new vegan blog ‘How To Transition To A Vegan Lifestyle’ and I am hoping to post it on my vegan blog tomorrow, if not it will be shared there and here this coming Monday or Tuesday. At least that is the plan as I still need to finish it, perfect it and edit it. ;o

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I found a new cheap vegan lunch idea & Feeling icky from my second vax

I just got my second and last COVID vaccine(pfizer) at 9 am this morning. and I don’t know if it is the long week at work, being burned out, the vaccine or all of the above, but I am feeling really off, getting the chills and feeling very blah/icky. I know that is a run on and long ass sentence, but I don’t care this ain’t no normal blog post, mmmkayyy. Calm down grammar warriors. xD

Anywhooo….I found a new cheap and easy vegan lunch recipe that I am excited to try. My cooking skills are still sub-par at best, so this idea is great. Plus I am lazy so the quick meal recipes are great for me! lol I am going to buy the ingredients tomorrow, it seems pretty straight forward, I just may have to play around with what spices I will like. I already have some ideas by my previous cooking or meals I like that are Mexican. xD I was going to buy the ingredients today, but was exhausted from work, just got the shot etc….so we bought a few plant based soups in case we feel icky and stuff for veggie stir fry and called it a day. lol I was NOT in the mood for double checking the ingredients for this recipe and looking for them. So tomorrow we are doing an actual proper grocery shop for our days off and will buy the ingredients then.

This is the meal idea. 🙂 ‘for those who can’t cook’ yup that’s me! 😛

Oh btw besides the two posts I plan on finishing and posting anytime soon ‘my thoughts on aba therapy and ‘how to transition to a vegan diet’ I keep thinking about making a vegan activist video of all sorts of footage from youtube activists, slaughterhouse, animal farming footage etc….and would love to do it soon…so there is another project I plan to get in the making, but will probably take some time as I will need to get permission from a lot of people to share it. Which means getting in contact with some who are very busy peoples, waiting for replies etc. Then the editing, ohhh the editing. ;o It has been sometime since I have done much of any editing or video making lol. Plus…I am extremely burned out mentally etc, meaning I do need to take this mini 5 day vacation I am on self care and taking down time, like binging out on netflix, music or playing video games. With that in mind I am sorry if any of these projects do not get posted or shared right away, but I should at least be sharing one of the three before the end of my vacation, and have the others coming in the near ish future. Stay tuned!

Here is the song I want to use for my vegan activist ish video idea.

Or not for the light heart, famous the same song is famous for the Dominion documentary trailer.