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I found my latest youtuber obsession. xD

Rebel D is someone I just discovered on youtube, so far I have only watched his reactions to random inspirational videos or skits. I am not sure if he does any other kind of videos yet, but his personality is super adorable and hilarious. Between the awful skits and his reactions, I am dying. 😛

Ohh..and he also has a kitty mug. ❤ I am not sure if you guys know by now, but cats are my thing. Ahahaha Before I rescued my little fur babies I bought everything that related to cats, including not 1 or 2, but 4 cat mugs my husband and I use for coffee, tea, hot chocolate etc… xD

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I present you a video featuring James ‘I can go all day’ Wilks

So as I recently shared I went vegan a few months ago. At first I spent hours researching all about veganism, absorbed the information, why go vegan, how to be a healthy vegan etc….Now I am literally just binging debates, podcasts and stuff like that related to veganism. Mainly for shits and giggles. I literally go in these weird obsessed cycles like I will play video games, most of the time one game for a week, research stuff that catches my interest intensely for a week, write obsessively for a week or watch youtube non stop for a week, repeat. You get the idea. The last few days it has been youtube videos and once I watch a few of the related topic, they pop up on my youtube home screen and I start down the rabbit hole from there. 😛 However things like this can still have great information that will perk my interest to look into more, it also gives hope, inspiration etc and besides I have always loved debates. As long as they are done somewhat maturely. This one was very informative, but Chris Kresser got roasted.

Btw this is not really promoting veganism, but rather the argument of B12 itself. vegan or non vegan, we all should be watching our diets and taking supplements. #truths

This is just one segment from the whole debate on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ the other clips are equally informative, yet funny how James Wilks roasts Chris Kresser non stop.

James: ‘B12 is fed to farm animals’

Chris: *breathes* ‘What about Shellfish?’

James: ‘You are literally suggesting most of the world’s population get b12 from shellfish?’

James look on his face was priceless. ❤

Also note to self *always bring slides to a debate*

James is a former MMA fighter btw. Vegans are wimps though. 😉

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So um hiii… :)

Hello all you gorgeous faces!

Sorry I have been rather inactive the past few months for the most part, but not only have I been extremely busy with work and my personal life, mentally I am not doing really well. Often at times when I struggle mentally writing at times feels more like a chore, than a joy. Though sometimes writing can be great for my mental health, but sometimes when I am struggling it can be really hard to put words on paper or in this case my blog with it making any kind of sense. I have still been writing in my journals etc and getting my thoughts out to help relieve some pressure and make sense of some of my over whelming thoughts and anxiety, but nothing outside of that. I am not really going to be talking so much about work or my personal life necessarily, but I would like to share where I have been at mentally and that I do have things still planned or in the making for this blog.

I am not sure if it a combination of being short staffed at work for months, or the busyness in my life lately, but a couple weeks ago I noticed I was becoming more irritated by little things more and more easily. I have noticed failures in my everyday normal responsibilities to keep going, that what little down time I was getting in my free time was not recharging my batteries and have felt completely exhausted for weeks. As a result, my work ethic is not the same, I am doing less at home or outside of work and am giving my husband a lot more attitude than he deserves. Some of it is I am so tired of living in a one bedroom tiny ass apartment, where it can be really hard to completely isolate myself for long. I can’t even do laundry without people being like ‘oh I will just wait until you are done while I stand in this tiny laundry room with you awkwardly.’ Yeah that is apparently now a thing. Twice in the past month I went downstairs to switch or grab aundry out of the dryer and instead of people who live in this building respecting my space and privacy, instead stand in the laundry room literally until I am done. Why not just stand outside the door? Like do you not have any manners? Whatever, maybe it is just me but I am really over having shared laundry. Some of it is a lack of me trying, I really need to just be going into our bedroom more often lying on the bed and listening to music or on the porch etc. I think I need to disconnect a lot more, not only from social things, but certain video games I like that include socializing, stop commenting on social media such as youtube, twitch or other few platforms I still use. I didn’t honestly really think about how little things like that could be overwhelming me until recently this week. Either way, whatever the reason is I am pretty sure I am experiencing another autistic or mental burn out and it fucking sucks.

I really need to take another mini vacation from work and probably will be in the second week of August or so. Btw….remember when I shared I did take a mini vacation awhile ago? Yeah the whole 4 days or whatever it was spent car shopping. We were at dealerships each day of our vacation and it extremely irritated me. In fact, the third day at one of the dealerships, I completely lost it at my husband, probably unfairly. Yes we wanted a new car or more like needed one, but I was angry it had to be at the expense of my sanity. I then went back to work not really relaxed from vacation to a short handed mess and tons of over time. That vacation was planned to have me be prepared for a shitty month of work or so, and instead completely failed. So now that we are finally full staffed or at least almost full staffed for the first time in months, I plan to take a few paid days off added to my normal two days off. I really need it. Like it is beyond over do. I just need my life to pause for one second and not have someone reliant on me, and take time to take care of myself emotionally, mentally and physically.

I am sure you guys have noticed my few recent vegan posts. Yes I have finally made the transition to go vegan. It has actually been an ongoing journey for a few months now. I still feel like I am still somewhat in the transition phase as I am still researching and educating myself on things, but yes I am now vegan. 🙂 In case anyone is wondering why I decided to make the switch to veganism I did it for my health, I couldn’t stand to live with myself anymore knowing animals are being enslaved to a life of cruelty and killed just so I could enjoy a meal or a glass of milk etc that lasts only a few minutes. I don’t know if any of you noticed by now, but my faith in humanity is very little and at most times I am very angry with humanity, so going vegan just seem to make the most sense for me.

Speaking of which, I may open another blog or maybe try the whole youtube creator kind of deal for things outside of my blog normalcy. Some of the topics discussed on whatever platform I decide to do it on will obviously be veganism, some political or beliefs of mine etc….I am not sure yet. I just feel if I want to discuss more things outside of what I normally have been doing with this blog I should give those ideas their own space since I am all about being organized and all. Rather I open another platform to discuss such topics or other topics, now that veganism is now my lifestyle it will in suit become part of this blog in one form or another, but I will try to keep it to a minimum.

I do still have a few posts in the making or are saved on my laptop/in one of my many notebooks etc waiting to be either edited or completed and then shared here. Some of them include mental health and autism, but I also recently started writing an article or piece about the Yulin Dog/Cat meat festival. Which will also include other random torturing of dogs and cats, and questioning rather people have a conscience or not. >.> I may or not refrain from sharing videos or pictures, because they were extremely hard for me to see. One video I couldn’t even finish I was crying so much and couldn’t see the screen through my tears anymore. It is one thing to kill an animal, it is another thing to willingly torture it. It is not going to be an attack on Vietnamese, Chinese or other people as whole however. Most asians no longer eat cats and dogs, but unfortunately the meat trade is still happening. So no I did not forget about this amazing community or my blog. I am just really struggling to keep my thoughts together and am burned out.

Oh and I want a new job, and other things, but that is for another post. ;o Sorry for another scrambled update, but it is all I got guys. aha

Like always here is some music that has been somewhat helping me keep my sanity.

Sharing it again because this song speaks to my childhood when life was just so much simpler. 😛

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‘I am a realist’ 3 minutes later….

‘I am a realist’

Meanwhile: ‘If you were deserted on an island with a cow’


This is one of the better discussions I have seen with Earthling Ed. I have no hate for this man in the video, but his argument did make me laugh. Sorry. 😛

Vegan is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. Be the change, evolve…Go Vegan. ❤

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Did you know?

Did you know that orca’s dorsal fins do not naturally bend over in the wild, it happens slowly to all orca’s trapped and locked in captivity? People who work with whales in aquariums and tanks are told to lie to audiences and customers of the true horrors of captivity. The bending/collapsing of the dorsal fin is one. Yes I get that sometimes we capture whales to save them because they can no longer survive in the wild, but that does not make it right. Nature is suppose to run it’s course for all species. Just because humans are intelligent enough to save ourselves from illness and survive with things like disabilities does not mean we have a right to play God with everything. Nature is cruel, it is suppose to be. It is beautiful just the same. It would be even more beautiful if we left it alone. As for whales being born into captivity, just stop fucking doing it. It’s disgusting. Free all whales. ❤ Do not support shows like marine land, seaworld or other whale shows. They are profiting (making a ton of money to add) off the suffering of innocent whales.