Lowkey AKA My Hero Talks About Mental Health And Losing His Brother…

I know I have shared his political music and work in the past (Just yesterday tbh) but I think this more relates to my blog so I thought I’d share it. Just wow…what this man does to my heart ❤ I am so glad he is back from his temporary break, I kinda didn't look into him or his work the past couple years or so as I knew he mentioned he was taking some long break from the spotlight or maybe possibly retiring, but I am so glad I found these year old interviews. I am binging them as I didn't finish them yesterday and I am taken back by his intelligence and his views yet again. ^.^ Just the way he views things and can view things from all angles or perspectives blows my mind. How he talks about how other things can lead to depression other than what we think, how the media, advertising and music even wants us to be down and out. I will also share another short part of the same interview where he talks about trauma as it also relates to mental health, and it was really interesting how he talked about it from all perspectives even things he is against.

So if you want to hear a different perspective on things like mental health and his experience of losing his brother. it's not your typical "Woo is me" Watch it here. My husband lost his mom at a very young age and he has talked about the hardest was dealing with so many things left unsaid and unfinished. Just the scenario itself was what caused his depression, more so than the loss. He preaches to me to make sure I do it differently with my parents. But yeah I understood what Lowkey was talking about. ❤

Lowkey talks on Trauma from a brilliant perspective. I'm in aww over this man guys ;o

The Age of Narcissism…Truths


K enough with the politics…How about songs about anxiety? <3

I feel like sharing this tonight as it relates more to my blog. This song really spoke to me, I need to get back to listening to more hip hop tbh as a very lyrical person. I normally don’t like a lot of rap chorus, but this one touched my feelings. Haha ❤

This one too (youtube ftw…there is no excuse anymore to find good music or music you can truly relate too.)

The first three lines brought tears to my eyes. #relatable

'Every single day it breaks me to pieces I tasted defeat at the feet of my demons I’m such a fucking waste of achievement'

One of my most admired rappers returns from temporary retirement…My heart right now xD

Lowkey has always been one of my favorite rappers for his influencial, inspirational and light hearted lyrics. I wish music would truly change the world and bring us together. It’s been like 18 years since 9/11 and the ignorance towards Muslims in the western world is still disgusting. Forget the politics and I am not going to go on some rant, but him coming back with songs like this gives me hope. Not only is his music inspirational he is an incredibly an intelligent man. People ask me who my hero is and I say Lowkey and they be like WHOOO??? -.-

Reminiscing on his old tunes tonight as well ❤

One of my forever favorite collaborations in hip hop ever. Obama was no saint either because the president is not the problem, corporations own America.

"I say things that other rappers won't say, Cause my mind never closed like Guantanamo Bay" And this is why I will always listen to his stuff xD

"The land where their, Or consumed by consumption, Killing themselves to shovel down food and abundance, I guess a rapper from Britain is a rare voice, America is capitalism on steroids" I literally died laughing :/ I'm going to hell tbh

I think everyone needs to listen to this song, it always gives me hope for humanity 😀

'I believe in equality, freedom and honesty.
I believe that I'm a born leader so follow me.
This tune can touch you deep, what can it do for love and peace?
Forget the color of your skin, we're all just humans underneath.
But, we were conditioned to be ashamed of intelligence.
Take pride in your brain, it's your chain that's irrelevant.
These monsters on the mic chatting nonsense in their rhymes.
Forget your wallet and your ride, what's the contents of your mind?
You better listen when I tell the television tricks you well.
Don't let them dictate to you the definition of yourself.
'Cause when it's said and done the products are all irrelevant.
And a man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.
The choice to keep you dumb, but don't mentally succumb.
Take steps to reach your son, 'till your legacy is done.
We are set to see a better dream, eventually will come.
The equality of all and the supremacy of none!'

My heart ❤ 🙂

And his amazing speeches…Seriously no man has made me think or cry as much as this man

Exposing hip hop and even music is owned by corporations

Wow I just watched this and he has grown up so much. This man is a rare being and it's scary how right he is. Trump is a ticking time bomb tbh.

I never wanted to meet a celebrity because they are just people, but I'd like to meet Lowkey one day because I know I could have a compassionate conversation without him getting bent out of shape tbh and I think I would benefit from it and learn some real shit. This dude is my forever hero.

This inspires me to get back into things like being political and self aware. Been too busy chasing the so called 'perfect life' and distracted…It's never too late to change.

200 Followers And A Look Back

Yo and all that stuff…

So…I’m indifferent about doing posts about reaching certain milestones or whatnot such as gaining 100, 200, 300 or so many followers on your blog as it kinda feels like bragging. As you have noticed I have pretty much made this blog award free and steered away from posts like these. I also find we often say the same stuff over and over again as there are only so many ways you can say you appreciate and thank your followers, so yes I KNOW these posts are repetitive. Apologies in advance… Rather it’s repetitive or not, I do think it is important to show your followers you value their support as much as you can because my blog probably wouldn’t exist or at least be where it is today without them. So yasss…here is one of those overdone posts. Sorry, not sorry tbh.

I reached 200 followers guys! Woot!!! It took some time (a little over a year and 94 posts later) but I honestly feel that is a pretty good milestone, considering I am away from blogging more than I am posting as well as being all over the place with my content etc. It really shows me that I have loyal followers who truly support my content and support me for well me. Believe me, if I wanted to have a million followers I probably could as I know all the tricks in the book, and am very aware how to go about all that aka good/false advertising. Though my following may not be huge yet, it really makes me feel supported by having a loyal and intimate following. I have some followers that have supported me since day one, even on my old blog and you have no idea how much it warms my heart. It reassures me to not ever second guess my content or myself. I feel that I can still be MIA at times and still come back to a very welcoming and tight community. I have written posts in my worse state of mind and received likes or a bunch of positive comments. This means more to me than anything. So I would like to say a big thank you and a virtual hug by dedicating this post to each and every one of you. This blog may still be here with or without followers, but I can promise I would have not made it this far without your unconditional support. So thank you all!!! You all mean so much to me and I truly value every like or comment you have and hopefully will continue to make on my posts or blog. *deep breaths…hopefully this was not too repetitive or lame*

I would like to celebrate this milestone on my blog by sharing a few of my older posts that are my favorites or I enjoyed writing the most. I will also share a few songs (like I always do tbh) but each song will be like a soundtrack to my personal life. I dunno, I thought it could be fun. xD (especially with playlists I keep promising, but never finish to share etc lol.) If you have a favorite post or even a few you would like to share feel free to in the comment section. Who knows if I get a few comments sharing your work I may feature it on my blog as part of celebrating all my lovely followers.

I think over time as I gain even more followers I may at some point do something like a meet and greet post to advertise bloggers work and share the support as that could be something else that could be fun in the near future. I think that could be a great way to celbrate another huge milestone such as 300 or more followers. We will see. However, don’t get too excited because half the time I don’t follow through with shit I say I am going to do and therefor I am not making any promises. It was just an idea and I thought it would be awesome to take part in as I always enjoyed taking part in them on other blogs etc and is another great way to show support for your followers as that is how the blogging community works.

Anywhooo…Here are some of my posts from the past I have enjoyed writing the most or has value to me.

One of my forever favorite posts as it describes my life experience with autism

FAV…because it was one of my true first posts here

I really enjoyed writing this one because I think I touched on some interesting theories

Another one I had a difficult time writing, but think it needed a discussion

Because even anti social misfits can find love

This is probably a fav because it was easy to write haha

Because even us Autistics have to shop: Shopping Tips

Things You Shouldn’t Say To People On The Autism Spectrum

I am choosing this because this is sometimes well me and is important to this journey

Another quick vent that I plan to hopefully touch more on

An Aspie Survival Guide for Christmas

Surprised I did the 31 day song challenge? xD It was a lot of fun tbh

All About Stimming (my most recent favorite)

Now for some tunes that either are meaningful to me or I am listening to now xD

Remember that autism playlist I promised you all? (if not check some of it out here )well it’s not finished yet, but here is another song that is featured from it.

I know I have shared many of their songs (I love them okay…*angry face*) and even shared this song before, but this song really speaks to me when it comes to people not understanding my needs, my happiness etc and how much I have thrown away to blend into a neurotypical society.

Another song on my soon to be coming autism playlist. When neurotypicals make me rage tbh

This song has been my happy place this week. Mine and my hubby’s song tbh. Every time I hear this song I cannot explain the wave of emotion that takes over me. Plus Eddie’s voice gives me the chills tbh.

This song because not only does it relate to my autism, it is also in my current feel good playlists

This because it makes me feel good. It recently played on my random music listenings and I forgot how much I was obsessed with this song. haha

I dont think I can preach this song or the message in it enough…it is really the basic of life. Live in the moment and take risks to be happy. Also features in my blog description deal tbh. I listened to this song on repeat on our road trip to the USA where I ended up moving to with my hubby, everything that was unplanned and a risk btw. We didnt even know where we would be staying, nvm if it would be long term. Since then it has meant something to me that is indescribable. It’s weird when you find a song that describes exactly how you feel or what you are going through. I find these moments are rare, this was one of those rare moments.

This is a rough draft for a project I am working on (or going to start working on tbh)

Since I am really excited to share and get this project started I thought I would share a rough piece of my introduction here as my gamer blog just opened and is very quiet. (However, I am starting this challenge over there rather it gets attention or not) As most of you know I kind of have an obsession with the Sims 4, although not the challenge we are about to be discussing, but it is one of the biggest Sims challenges existing in previous sim games etc and I figured what the heck this could be fun, right?! Seriously guys I don’t know what I am getting myself into. lol. The challenge is The Sims 4: 100 Baby Challenge and if you would have guessed you have to impregnate your sim 100 times and birth every single sucker, you would be correct. However much like this very time consuming and rather difficult challenge it also has many rules to add to your horror. I will be blogging episodes of this challenge over at my newly found blog ‘Jaimer The Gamer’ so if you are interested in following or seeing other game related stuff you can follow me ‘here

In the mean time I thought it would be fun sharing my very rough intro with you all here(it is not ready for the official post yet, I plan to be done with it by today or tomorrow we will see as procrastination has been my best friend lately) I also would appreciate any feedback, suggestions, questions or anything like that. 🙂

Okay here it is guys…

100 Baby Challenge (The Introduction and Background)

Hello all my fellow simmers, gamers and viewers!

Since this is not youtube, mixer twitch or whatever other platform peeps using now a days obviously, you all should realize by now I will be blogging my 100 Baby Challenge in a series of posts here on wordpress. I may decide to redo this challenge and stream or upload it to media platforms like youtube, but we will see how dreadful this challenge is. Lol Besides this gives me more of an opportunity to get creative with this challenge and take my time. Since we all know this challenge takes eons as you can’t make a baby overnight, especially 100 of them. Although you almost can as one pregnancy takes only a few days in Sim time, you can hope for twins/triplets etc, and I have seen simmers complete this challenge in 24 hours. However, I do not have the time nor dedication so anywhooo…moving forward!

Welcome to my introductory of my 100 Baby Challenge on The Sims 4. I wanted to do an introduction instead of jumping right into the episodes of my 100 Baby Challenge because I will be starting this challenge a bit differently than most which will include quite the background story. It also gives me the opportunity to introduce the main sims in this challenge…Wait sims as in plural?! Jaimer, the rules state you can only start with one sim in a household! I know , I know which is one of the reasons this introduction exists. It is a space where I can answer all these questions and notify you that I did only start with one young adult female sim in my household, so no it is not against rules…well to the best of my knowledge it isn’t. If it is, I really don’t care or have time to bother with every nitty gritty rule cause you know details and you should just be happy I am bringing this challenge back, as it has kinda died off.

The rules basically are to be a massive whore bag (I seriously don’t know why they called it the 100 baby challenge, they should have called it the slut that doesn’t know what birth control is challenge tbh) by birthing 100 babies, except you can’t use the same baby daddy to get pregnant with more than once. You can’t use money cheats or anything that will give you an advantage over other players doing the same challenge. Pretty much the only way to fail is to reuse the same baby daddy or die before you birth a daughter that can continue your slutty legacy.

However, we know much like this very brutal challenge, the rules can’t be that simple either so here is a link to the original and official rules of The 100 Baby Challenge

Meet Jordan Ross (My main sim for this challenge aka baby maker)

03-30-19_6-40-56 AM

I just noticed she looks really grumpy in this photo like she is predicting the future of birthing 100 babies and all the trauma in between. At least the goal is to birth 100 suckers with this attractive baby maker, if not it will be handed down as rules state because you know short life spans and such. I also love how she looks really innocent *whistles* not for very long though. I find this first picture of her though not attractive, but a time saver as I don’t want to redo the photo and very suiting giving the circumstances.

Name: Jordan Ross
Birthday: Whenever the eff I made her on whatever sim day since exact dates don’t exist in the sims.
Age: 18 (she looks older cause um teens can’t get pregnant without mods and mods would break my game tbh and probably against the rules)
Aspiration: Serial Romantic aka whore
Traits: Creative, Romantic and Family Oriented

This will be my first and original house for this challenge (I have a feeling we will be moving or expanding this house as this will not shelter more than like 5 kids tbh if we are lucky) I built this house myself if you couldn’t tell by how basic it is. Haha. I also realize it is empty and we have a penguin tv to start out with because we are poor as fuck and no use of money cheats being allowed.

03-30-19_10-06-49 AM03-30-19_10-13-55 AM03-30-19_10-10-47 AM03-30-19_10-11-05 AM03-30-19_10-11-42 AM03-30-19_10-12-07 AM

Meet Justin Flint (Jordan’s best friend since childhood and love of her life)

03-30-19_10-57-19 AM

This is also a very poor picture and not sure why I decided to take this picture while he is in his athletic wear. LOL I SUCK AT SCREEN SHOTS. Oh well can only get better with this challenge as I will be taking a butt load of them in order to properly tell the story of said challenge. Since I will be taking a ton of pictures over the course of this challenge you will get plenty of chances to see this sim in better light etc. At least at the beginning because yooouuu kkknnnooowwww rules. In the mean time they will birth at least one hell of an attractive baby I think. *Prays for a girl so I can use her as the new matriarch and it will be all sentimental and emotional. Haha

Name: Justin Flint
Birthday: Even though I made these sims and moved them into the same neighborhood in like an hour span of each other they do NOT have the same birthday…I swear.
Age: 19 (I think, I have not mastered the time line of all this shit yet okay lol)
Aspiration: Musical Genius
Traits: Gloomy, Erratic and Creative (what a emo tbh)

Though it was not entirely clear if you can change aspirations and traits or not for your original baby maker I kept them the same regardless of background story etc. To my understanding you are not allowed to change aspirations or traits throughout the challenge from what you chose originally.

My Background Story(explanation for confusion of any kind before we can finally get to important shit like baby making)

Justin and Jordan have been friends since childhood when the young 8 year old Justin moved to Jordan’s neighborhood who was 7 at the time. Jordan was the more outgoing type while Justin was more shy, but they both loved art, very creative and Jordan quickly broke Justin out of his shell in his new school. Well at least with her. They sat together in class and rode the school bus together everyday. Outside of school they were inseparable and parents spent hours of fighting with them to stop goofing around and finish their homework. Since Justin came from a broken home as Justin’s dad abandoned him and his mother at a very young age and his mom was an alcoholic most of the days were spent at Jordan’s place.

As the years flew by, they matured into teens, told each other everything, continued their strong bond and claimed each other as best friends. (claim for lack of a better word, they are not property, although when we control the sims anything is possible) In their early teens Justin fell in love with Jordan, or at least what he thought was love for a young guy, which is only natural given their friendship. In his mid teens Justin finally mustard up the nerve to tell Jordan his true feelings without any insurance of how she feels or if it will change anything. Jordan unfortunately rejected his feelings. She was not sure if she felt as strongly as Justin felt other than she deeply cared about him, he did make her happy. Although she did have some kind of romantic feelings for Justin, she was afraid it would change things and thought Justin had a lot of baggage given his history and things he has shared with her naturally from being best friends. However, Jordan put her feelings and emotional bits aside and simply said although she cared deeply for him, she wasn’t ready to think about taking that step as it risked changing their friendship. Luckily, it didn’t have an impact at all in their relationship as best friends and they continued spending most of their spare time together and still even having sleep overs. Of course Justin had to sleep in the spare room at Jordan’s as it was her parent’s rules.

Justin moved out of his mom’s house at the very young age of 17 to the cheap side of town into a one bedroom small bungalow. Jordan graduated a year later and decided she wanted to take a break from heading off to college or university. This caused an awkward rift between her and her parents, one she was not use to nor comfortable with so she packed her bags and peacefully moved next door to Justin, as it was the only affordable place in town, but ended up being perfect.

Jordan couldn’t deny her true feelings for Justin any longer and luckily though both have been in short term relationships over the years, he was single and still had the feelings he had years before. They instantly got into a committed relationship as they figured taking things slow for best friends was silly as were dates, but they never moved in together or discussed things like marriage, kids etc yet. Justin knew Jordan wanted the whole marriage, children and big happy family deal, but not anytime soon. Justin had a really hard time with things like such promises and was afraid to have children because of his family history and resulted in Justin being quite mentally ill. Though their relationships had bumps in the road at times because of this, it never changed their relationship or feelings. Justin ultimately trusted Jordan and was happy with what peace she brought into his life. Jordan didn’t really worry about Justin’s insecurities or what he was going through at the time mentally as it was not an issue at the time and Jordan had faith Justin could have different feelings over time as they were both still figuring life out and both still very young. So besides the rough patches and emotional stuff, they both were very in love and had it pretty easy. That is until when everything changes and Jordan unexpectedly gets pregnant.

DUN DUN DUN…and with that I plan to start the episodes I am thinking. Wish me luck guys! xD


Hello all my lovely followers and readers!

I’m back with another life update type of deal. I apologize in advance if I have a difficult time with explaining exactly what I need to or if this post comes across as unorganized and jumbled. I am still in a state where things like my thoughts and words are struggling to develop properly and my brain is a scrambled mess. I am hoping writing about it will be therapeutic for me or at least that’s the plan anyways. Besides it is always great to catch up with you all and my blogging as I feel if I document the hard parts or whatever it may be I can look back on it and see how far I have come and for memory sake good or bad.

So as I have explained in my more recent posts/updates I have been really anxious, all over the place and just not feeling myself. Although sometimes I feel this is myself in some odd way. (I know, sounds crazzzyyy) I can’t remember the last time I felt completely okay honestly, but it is not just that it seems to be getting worse. It is like this permanent state of being anxious, really irritable, and I can’t seem to relax my brain or body no matter what I do besides I have been sleeping really deeply. I have also been really internal, like in my own world a lot. Which is probably what is causing a lot of my irritable state, because I actually haven’t truly been able to shut out the world as much as I would like to. The only thing that has changed about this state I’m in is that it has gotten worse. Even today, I am off work for 4 days (because I wasn’t scheduled many hours this week…to see my rant/me being a raging ahole* about that check here) and I woke up with the worse knot in my stomach, sick and I threw up. I can’t stomach coffee or smoking right now so I feel pretty damn awful and on top of that grumpy. Maybe I’m just sick as there is a flu going around??? However, I think I know it is more likely from stress and anxiety. You know it’s bad when you would hope it’s just some awful stomach bug that will go away. I do have an option to go in an extra day this week offered by my hubby’s manager at work, but I am undecided if I will take her up on the offer. Even though we could use the money and I have nothing better to do, I feel it won’t help this current mental state I am in. The way I have been feeling lately has affected everything in my life from work, my home life with the hubby and not being able to truly relax like ever.

I called in twice last week in hopes it would make me feel better or give me more time to prepare myself for the outside world. It was kind of a last ditch effort to somewhat get myself out of this drought I am in, even in the slightest. It didn’t seem to help though as I am just as bad off this week. As mentioned, I am hoping to take these next 4 days off and force my brain and body to take the down time it desperately needs, and hopefully it will help me get out of this horrible funk and give me some of my strength back. I really don’t know what else to do anymore, normally these phases I go through pass eventually, but this time it feels like I have felt like this for way too long and it doesn’t want to go away anytime soon. It’s kinda shit because I haven’t really had an episode or this many problems with things like my anxiety in a long time. I have always dealt with things like anxiety, feeling irritable, hyperactive and things like that. but normally it would always come and go. Normally if I managed my time, my life and myself relatively well, I would be okay and it would come in small spurts. I have trained myself over the years with exercises to overcome anxiety when it happens, to communicate in my own way so I don’t become socially overwhelmed and if I took the proper amount of down time or wasn’t overwhelmed I wouldn’t be that irritable. The thing is I am still doing all of these things and it really isn’t changing. Yet I still am trying my damn hardest to continue my normal life at work etc and to get through this. I don’t want to have this ruin anything in my current life and I am not going to send myself into some permanent state of depression. I don’t even think this has anything to do with depression, but I fear if my current mental health continues like this it could lead to total isolation and thoughts of depression etc. It’s so frustrating to deal with things like this and feel all of this when I am not depressed and haven’t been in awhile.

It’s really frustrating because not a lot of people understand and when I explain how I actually am or what will not actually help me and in fact will make it worse, they think I’m nuts. My husband is super supportive, but at times I don’t think he entirely understands and I cannot blame him for that. It also doesn’t help I have been so internal lately, so I have been really struggling to actually explain or share what I am going through. There are times I do feel really alone in my thoughts, but I’m not physically alone. I do have family (even though they are 100’s miles away ;o) and a loving husband so I’m not really alone and though I may feel mentally alone at times, I have a lot of emotional support. It’s even more irritating I don’t entirely understand my emotions or feelings and as hard as I have been trying I don’t seem to have the solution to fix or shake what feels like to be a permanent state for now.

However, I am not going to stop trying to resolve whatever is going on and I know I can get back up again. I plan to take the next 3 or 4 days (pending if I decide to work an extra shift this week, even if it is only for a few hours) to take a lot of down time. Enjoy things I love doing to relax such as music, tablet games, read or watch some shows with a cup of tea and take a bath. Since my brain has been active a lot lately I feel the need to feed it and have big plans to continue this Sims 4 challenge I am working on to blog, add to my new gaming blog I recently opened and maybe blog some more. The weather is getting nicer so maybe I will force (I don’t really have to force him tbh) the hubby to go for a walk, even if it is around our apartment complex as nature and the outdoors have always been therapeutic to me. I have many projects started, but neither of them complete, not even nearly. I think it will be good for me to stick to one or two projects, while also taking breaks to relax in between.

Update: I eventually drank coffee, had a smoke and soon the hubby is going to make me breakfast wraps, so hopefully eating will help at least my grumpy mood. lol

That’s it for now guys! I hope you all are having a great week so far. 😃

If you haven’t checked out my rather plain (so far, but as mentioned hopefully new content coming soon) gamer blog I recently opened you can check it out here: https://jaimerthegamer.video.blog/

I will also be posting my Autism Playlist Part 2 soon. To check out Part 1 click here

If you missed a quote I originally came up with and made a quick edit out of it you can also check that out here

As always here are a few songs I have been jamming out to in my down time. (also a couple are from my newly and improved Autism playlist which I am posting in parts)

This relates to both my mental health and a song that also helped me through depression.

A big fuck you to society tbh xD

This is another unedited post. ~ My Authentic Mind

So I had a huge Hollywood Dead phase until…

Swan Songs by Hollywood Undead will always be one of my favorite albums of all time and it quickly became one of my soundtracks when it came out.

Once upon a time I wanted these lyrics from this song tattooed on me… (I never got tattoos as I eventually decided they were too trendy tbh and the fact they look gross when you get old and wrinkly ;o)

for some reason these lyrics really stuck out to me on this entire album and really of all lyrics tbh.

“I will not die in the night but in the light, Of the sun and the ashes, Of this world in my lungs”

One of the most heart breaking songs I have ever heard and I have cried to this many many times…

I just felt for their time they were original and had a crazy amount of energy…

But then shit hit the fan and my favorite member Deuce left the group. Hollywood Undead continued without him but I feel they are more of a gimmick now without Deuce. The first song I heard without Deuce reminded me of a Linkin Park mixed with a bit of Green Day rip off. I was disappointed. Though I still like few songs in their gallery without one of their most beloved members, it’s not the same.

I however feel going solo was one of Deuces best decisions, he has really shined and got an opportunity to show how talented he is without the shadow of Hollywood Undead. Regardless of record sales etc, in my personal opinion he was the one who succeeded. It also probably helps I find myself relating to his persona more, but youuu knowwww, details. xD But seriously it is pretty obvious who was the talent behind Swan Songs and the hollywood undead sound as Deuce took it with him.

“Fuck playing for reasons, Fuck playing for Jesus, Let me shine like a god, like a leader, I’ll burn a hole through your cross, My soul’s already lost, And it’s funny ’cause they’re saying, ‘He’s hot.’, But they don’t see the fucking tears that I’ve cried, And they don’t hear me when I scream when I die, I wanna live good, I wanna live right, My insecurities are eatin’ me alive”

I also find it entertaining how Deuce hints many times of how he was the life of hollywood undead and calling hollywood undead out on their bs all awhile they deny everything. Yet their gimmicky sound proves it. I am not saying they are nothing without him or Deuce didn’t need them to make great music, I think it is just sad to let the person go, especially when they obviously wrote the majority of your shit. Oops.

“Eenie, meenie, minie, moe, each one of you’s gonna know, That your time is coming soon ’cause there ain’t enough room, In this world for us too, yeah, I hate to break the news, But I’mma break it in this music and let the world know who, Who you’ve been using, who you’re abusing, it’s this youth that you’re fooling, But you know that you’re useless, always acting so ruthless, Deep inside you’re just ruined ’cause I keep on moving, here to show you the truth, bitch”

Since it is getting late guys and I am trying to piece together a new and improved Autism Playlist (Which I plan to like release in parts) I will be sharing part 2 tomorrow and will also be sharing either the rough draft or final introduction of a Sim challenge I will be blogging on my new gaming blog.

If you missed my autism part 1 playlist you can check it out here

Though I haven’t done much at all since opening my gaming blog, you can check it out if you haven’t yet as I introduced it briefly here a couple weeks ago: https://jaimerthegamer.video.blog/